@HitBoy – All I Ever Dreamed Of Ft. Audio Push, K. Roosevelt & Robin Thicke

I don’t really fancy talking about mixtapes on my blogs. I mean, there are like hundreds possibly, thousands of mixtapes out there on the internet every week.  I can’t be arsed to talk about a couple of them, out of all those countless tapes? That be injustice.

However, i do keep my ears open just to spot a gem or two. And i just spot one, last night!

Chauncey Hollis aka Hit-Boy  hits all the right notes on this new “All I Ever Dreamed Of” mixtape. Of all the tracks from the tape, i am really feeling the vibe on the title track. That signature Hit-Boy sound with a smooth job on the hook by Robin Thicke. Just can’t seem to figure out the sample, he used in the beat. It’s kinda sick, if you ask me.


I know, Hit-Boy is trying all he can to establish himself as up and coming rapper. But, i can’t see that happening in the unforeseeable future. However as far as the production value of this mixtape is concerned, i think it makes a strong case for him as one of the top, sought after producer in the industry right about now. Well, that’s just my opinion.

For all of you, who are interested in downloading the complete mixtape can click on this link.

Furthermore you can stream the entire tape down below –


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