AC Slater & Nick Thayer – Night Owl

This might just be the collaboration of the moment. I heard this track, yesterday. One of my dubstep and heavy bass freak friend hooked me up with the joint,  it’s been on replay ever since.  And, i am not even kidding. It’s that addictive and intriguing!


Party Animals Cover.

That intro with a nice drums, a bit of wobb and bass. With a soft/subtle touch from 1:00 to 1:11, barely 10 seconds but it prepares you for the next massive turn.  I was totally blown, the first time i heard Nick Thayer’s board skills in action on his track “Facepalm” and this new collab. joint justifies my admiration for the dude. The new big thing in dubstep, i reckon.

Never heard much of AC Slater, but since i am hooked to this new “Night Owl”, i will make sure to cop his EP “Party Animals” and you make sure, you do too.


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