Sean Kingston – Beat It (ft. Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa)

I’ve always had admiration and respect for Sean’s talent. That Jamaican flow, is purely magical. Which definitely justifies, his almost unbelievable story of rising from a MySpace rapper to two successful studio albums in “Sean Kingston” and “Tomorrow” to writing songs and discovering artists like “Iyaz” and offering them a recording deal under his own label imprint. Not to mention, the brain behind his discovery and the Belluga Heights Records imprint of WB Records, Mr. J. R. Rotem!


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Considering, many of the hits are produced by Rotem himself. It’s good to see, Sean’s trying a little bit of his board skills on this new, rather soft jam titled “Beat It”. Where he ropes in Breezy  for the hook duties. Knowingly, it’s just another track where a couple of dudes talking about “p***y” and almost literally, beating it! I thought, it be nice to post something new from Sean Kingston, as it’d been a while last we got something nice from that dude after that disaster of a collabo with Cher Lloyd?

The new “DADDY” Wiz Khalifa can be seen spitting some usual Khalifa-rse. This track would act as a single or not, it remains to be seen. But, one thing’s for sure it’s going to make an appearance on Sean’s long-awaited “Back 2 Life”.

Power 106 were kind enough to premier this track. I googled a bit and found a decent version available for stream down below.



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