Juicy J – One of Those Nights (Feat. The Weeknd)

The first i ever heard of, anything from this dude by the name “The Weeknd” was his mixtape “Echoes of Silence” of the supposedly a part of his debut album “Trilogy” consisting of three of his previous mixtapes plus a bunch of additional tracks before taking the mainstream for an outrageous ride. Dude’s got some mad, mad skills.


Source : Stereogum.com

No wonder, Drake‘s story has unfold and sort of encouraged a many talented and never heard of artists from the Canadian region to hit the industry. Juicy J was quick enough to enroll The Weeknd for a feature job on his upcoming studio album, titled “Stay Trippy” on Columbia Records with Wiz’s Taylor Gang Records imprint.

As a result, “One of Those Nights” became an instant radio hit among the listeners. With Weeknd’s subtle touch on the lyrics duty and a rather ambient, hot beat by one of his long time collaborator “Illangelo“, and once again the usual ridiculous verses from Juicy J, Which in total has managed to hit my joint of the month jackpot!

You can listen to a preview down below.


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