Havoc ft. Royce Da 5’9″ – Tell Me to My Face

With the rumors surrounding how the relation between two of the most iconic artists in the Hip hop/rap industry of all time went sour? Patching up and now they are planning to make a comeback with a new studio album as “Mobb Deep”, once again? You can never tell, what exactly is going on in the industry with so many fire blowers hovering all/around the Internet, one of these days.


Source – google.com/image

But, one thing’s for sure – Havoc just released a self-produced new single title “Tell Me to My Face“. Considering how Havoc has played an important or pivot role as a lead record producer on a list of outstanding, grimiest beats of all time in/during the 90’s. And, his board skills doesn’t fail, on this one. Feels like, dude’s going stronger than ever. The track is going to make a full appearance on his upcoming album “13” via an independent label.

The slaughterhouse homie “Royce Da 5’9″ ” makes a strong case for himself as a featuring artist on this somewhat, off the hook beat. Makes you wanna dig into that 90’s collection and revisit those memories, listening to the good old – Mobb Deep.

Well, let’s hope the rumors turn into the reality. Meanwhile, enjoy the new track down below and click here to buy the latest single to show your support for the artist.


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