Cypher – Hits Since 87, Inc Feat. Various Artists


Not too sure, what to make of this.

I am a big fan of Hit Boy’s board skills, for real. However, as far as the rap game is concerned. It’s a long journey for the dude. And, it’s as real as it gets. But, one things for sure. The reason, what made me talk about this new joint off his upcoming compilation album titled “All I Ever Dreamed Of” is the sick line-up he mustered to get featured on this beat.

Titled “Cypher”, it’s a hot beat. No questions, there. Will take you straight back into the memory lanes, except that silly, strange “Maybach Music” part from Rick Ross. I mean, what the f**k? He’s the first weak link in the entire joint. And, i don’t even wanna talk about, how “Audio Push” were able to get featured on this one? I mean, seriously.

Having said that, this track gets interesting right after 1:50. Also,  when the big daddies goes on for a rampage starting from Xzibit, MethodMan, RedMan and the king Chef “Raekwon” (skipped Ross on intentions!)

Them dudes on HS87 imprint ain’t too bad, either. Veggies and Q in particular. Let’s see if Hit Boy can pull off something major with this upcoming album in his HS87 Imprint, after getting a solo deal with Interscope. I can only wish him luck!

Listen to the track below. Support the artist and buy the track.


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